- Soft Touch (music and sound for an immersive and interactive audiovisual installation directed by Alexandru Berceanu in collaboration with a team of artists)

- A 24-Hour Sacrifice for Ending Draught (for performer and video)
Exercise for Instrumentalists #242 (for flute, clarinet in Bb, piano, violin, viola, violoncello, conductor, and live audiovisual recordings)

- Lost Interferences (transmedia participatory theater/music performance, sound installation, and interactive website | in collaboration with Alexandru Berceanu, Maia Morgenstern, Romeo Cornelius, Irina Margareta Nistor, Prateek Verma, and Grigore Burloiu)
- Post-Music #33 (audiovisual composition)

Eight Postcards with Samples of Imaginary Music (for anyone to print and mail)
happening (for line upon line percussison and me)

Concerto for Conductor and Orchestra (with video and live electronics)

- The Making of "The Making of a Violin" (for Karen Bentley Pollick and video)
- Chord Optimization in Music Composition: Towards a Machine-Inspired Technique for Human-Based Performance (for ten performers, composer, electronics, live 360° video, and multichannel video)
- The Interpreters (for video-recorded actor and string quartet)

- Fugue for Bells, Beans, and Bugs (for three performers, bells, beans, bugs, and video)

- Proof of Concept (for sextet, soundtrack, camera operator, and video)
- You Are My Happy Place (for three performers and GIFs)
- EMPMP (for RAGE Thormbones and video)

Knot an Opera! (for three sopranos, baritone, pianist/performer, electronics, and three-channel video)

Encore (for flute, tenor saxophone, violin, violoncello, and conductor)
Chapter 31, pages 415-926 (for string octet and video)
Championship (for flutist, clarinetist, violist, performer, commentator, electronics, and video)
The Odd Story of the Five Stubborn Insects (for reed quintet and reactive video)

- Silent Song of the Soulful Sinusoids (metaphysical performance with video)
The Ostrich Illusion (performative audiovisual installation for soprano)
A Basic Piece in Constant Beat (for drum set, acoustic guitar, double bass, electronics and video)
Fromforms (for cello, live electronics, and live video)

- UNITED WE SAVE (for oboe, two clarinets, electronics, and video)
- Restore Failed With Errors (audiovisual performance)
Monitoring Dreams (intermedia installation)

Transhumant (for mixed chamber ensemble, live electronics, and live editing of the homonymous short film by Simona Fitcal)
Tell Me What To Do (for clarinetist, conductor, Kinect, live electronics, and live video)


- Deadline (for chamber orchestra, live electronics, and film)
- Soulless (for two Disklaviers, electronics, and video mapping)
- Hide and Seek (for geographically displaced cello and prepared guitar, live electronics and stereoscopic video)

- I Could Have Chosen the Other Title (for me and another Me from a parallel universe)

Tutorial 7 (for horn, iPad, live electronics, and live video)
- Autoimmune Disorder (for violin, percussion, live electronics, and live video)
- Symptom 2.2 (for horn, live electronics, and live video)
If some kind of intelligent life form would find the Voyager Golden Record that we sent in space and their audio playing device would "translate" everything by default in Bohlen-Pierce scale, then... (digital audio)


Two Persons You Don't Know Yet (for two laptops with

Storm over a House in Leymen (for large orchestra)
- A Place Where the Dots Become Circles (digital audio)
Another Equation in the Lorenz Attractor (for horn, orchestra, and live electronics)

- Confetti Cannot Become Snow (for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, marimba, violin/viola, and violoncello)
This War Has Already Been Fought (for three horns, two trumpets, piano, and percussion)
Romanian Potpourri (for flute, clarinet, tenor saxophon, trumpet, violin, viola, and violoncello)

- Baroque Reminiscences (for clarinet, bassoon, and violin)
- The Strange Story of the Five Angry Insects (for wind quintet)
Confrontations with a Mathematician (for string quartet)
- Toy Soldiers (for trumpet and percussion)

- I Could've Killed Him in the Jacuzzi (for bassoon)
- Pagan Call (for horn, violoncello, and piano)
Dixtuor (for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, and string quartet)

- Concertino for Piano and String Orchestra
- Poem on Wheels (for violin and piano)
Sonata for Piano Nr. 2
- Gossip (for piano)

Sonata for Piano Nr. 1
- Hidden World (for voice, clarinet, and piano)
Oituz (for string quintet)
- Lauda Omului (for mixed choir)
Shards (for piano)

- Murder in a Glass (for piano)
- Ode (for horn and piano)
- Suite (for piano)